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St. Kevin’s (1-11) Hunterstown Rovers (0-14)

Going into the 11th round of the preliminary section of the Division 2, Thomas McNamees men were hoping to retain their hold on the second position as they faced off neighbouring club Hunterstown Rovers. This local derby was expected to be an interesting and entertaining affair, and it didn’t disappoint, with tensions running high particularly in the second half and the few remaining minutes before the final whistle. 

Whilst the team have been dogged with injuries this week, as a result there was a slight mix around in the normal lineup, and even more impressively the squad as a whole definitely proved themselves to be more utilitarian than expected. We also saw the welcome return of Sean Callan and  young Caolan McMullan who both had their first games of the season and most certainly played their part in the midfield. 

The Kevin’s men went out in the first half with a point to prove to their neighbours, TJ Doheny was first off the mark with a free point just 2 minutes in. A well timed sprint from Finbarr Lynch into the waiting arms of Keelan Maher whose chance found the back of the net just 7 minutes into play, giving the Philipstown a nice confidence boost to continue their lead.  

An injured Lee Crosbie meant that Cameron Maher, alongside Seanie Crosbie and TJ Doheny stepped up to the plate for free-taking on the night. Cameron scoring 2, TJ scoring 3 and Seanie scoring 1. 
Halftime Score:  St. Kevin’s 1-8 Hunterstown Rovers 0-5 
After what we can only imagine to be a tense halftime for the Hunterstown players, the second half took off with possession predominantly with our visitors. However, they failed to convert as much as they were hoping all considering. Cameron Maher interupted their possession with a free point. Unfortunately this failed to slow the visitors down too much as they managed to close the gap in the scoreline 8 minutes before the final whistle.The following final minutes were an all time high for contention and play, spectators were treated to some nail-biting moments. Although the Philipstown men had plenty of possession they couldn’t manage to breakdown the resolute defence and midfield.
Hunterstown scored a point on the 30th minute, to all onlookers it appeared that they had secured a late win. However a determined Kevin’s team threw everything they had into a last ditch attempt, which proved succesful resulting in a point from Seanie Crosbie to equalise before time had been called. 
This leaves St. Kevin’s comfortably at the top end of the table going into the playoff phase. First round of the phase 2 playoff will take place next Friday evening, draw for the fixtures will take place later today. All remaining wins will receive three points a piece. 
Team list: Danny Crosbie, Shane Meade, Finbarr Lynch, Dylan Maher, Karl Martin, Cameron Maher (0-2), Eoin McKenna, Sean Callan, Caoilan McMullen, Patrick Clarke, TJ Doheny (0-4), Keelan Maher (1-0), Seanie Crosbie (0-3), Evan Doheny, Paul Duff (0-2).  Aaron Khan for Evan Doheny. 
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