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Linda Matthews- An Appreciation

Anyone who was around Philipstown in the 80’s and 90’s can well remember the many dozens of youngsters who arrived on bicycles ti Philipstown field. Ten-speed racers in luminous red, purple and silver with handle-bars like goat horns all parked inside the gate on your right. And there was Linda in the middle of it all. Her very own new racer carried her boots, stick and all the gear for the camogie. Sandra, Olivia and cousin Valerie rendezvoused with Martha, Catriona, Síobhan, Niamh, Mary Johnson Jnr and Noeleen at Mosstown Fuels and enjoyed the short journey to Philipstown. On reflection I’m still wondering was camogie the attraction or was there an off chance of surveying some talent en-route. The reward of a Mr Freeze or a Dan bar in Molly’s made the journey worth while. 

Linda lined out at under 12 in school and club leagues and also at under 14.  She had a grit and determination for the game and no fear whatsoever.

The club discos were a sure place to find Linda. Though she didn’t enjoy good health she was never one to complain. Once, following a game in Kilkerly, before the clubrooms were built, we all got soaked by the rain. We packed the bus for home and first stop was Matthews’, it was obvious Olive was upset that everyone was so wet, but we were so glad to hear Linda was at school the next day. 

Linda was great fun and gave no indications ever that she was unwell. As the saying goes she was here for a good time and not for a long time. She can still bring smiles and tears to faces as the memories are shared. 

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