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Peter B. Sands- An Appreciation

Born in 1924 to Bernard Sands and Mary Murtagh, Peter was one of four children; Molly, Peter, Frank and Patricia. Although born in Darver, the family moved to Cappogue, Dromin where Peter attended school in Dunleeer. At the age of 16 he was then employed as a signalman for the G.N.R Railyway at Dromin Junction.

Peter lived a dozen lives in one. Many of those who have memories of Peter, have encountered him in many guises over the decades. It was his role with the FCA that perhaps marked the man, his keenness for punctuality and discipline was well known. He joined the ranks of the Local Defence Force in 1946 when it was founded, attached to the South Louth Company as it was known then. His platoon commander at the time was a certain future defence minister Padraig Faulkner, both remained lifelong friends and his loss in 2012 was keenly felt. 

He became a rates collector with Louth County Council  in 1958, where he was then known  the length and breadth of the county. In 1976 he rose to the role of Chairman of the Louth Branch of the Local Government Official’s union. Peter was also involved in a local auctioneering business with George Taaffe in Ardee.

GAA was also a great love in Peter’s life, and was a dedicated member of the Kevin’s from the 1960’s and at one stage was on a Louth Committee set up by Frank Lynch to deal with a club credit scheme.  He represented the club on the county board and also on the Leinster Council. 

He held a number of positions in the club including Honorary President. He once admitted that one of his proudest days was when Mr. Nicholas Marry officially opened the Community Centre in Philipstown in 1975 and the fact that it was a huge success-even without a bar. 

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