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Rose Smyth- A Tribute.

Over a lifetime maybe once or twice you might encounter someone special, someone with fine qualities, who can tune in on your wavelength, listen and can say much in very few words. Those of us were involved with Rose saw she was such a person. 

Rose Tiernan, hailed from Croghan, Boyle,  Co. Roscommon and was the 3rd eldest in a family of seven. She came to work in Benny Wogan’s from 1965 to 1977. She lived in Dunleer Post Office  for her first ten years and was a real novelty in a houseful of boys. Soon she had them picking up their football kits and clearing up after meals, a job their mother had failed to succeed in over many years. Long before walking became fashionable, Rose was out daily treading the roads. In 1978 Dermot Smyth from Dromin and together they re-shaped a small cottage in Mooremount into a modern bungalow. She became involved in Dunleer Credit Union, something she really enjoyed. It was Rose who first brought the Credit Union to Dromin School.  As their three girls Adeline, Claire and Eleanor grew, they were encouraged to become members of the athletic club and Rose was there in all weathers to be part of the highs and lows of cross country running.

 She became involved in Camogie around 1991 in Dromin School. She and Sheila Meehan could be seen in Dromin school yard after school hours putting the small ones through their paces. No wonder that it was those same girls who won the under 12 league in 1993. 

Rose often cycled up from Mooremount to Philipstown with the girls, she was such a lover of the great outdoors. Very soon she was on the camogie club committee and a selector. She had a sneaking love for hurling and would attend Croke Park on occasions in support of Galway or Wexford. In 1998, 1999 and 2000 Rose took care of our finances and her meticulous attention to detail kept everyone on their toes. 

Rose could bring calm to a dressing room full of nervous players and was such a dependable all rounder be it sports days, cake sales, or comforting a tiny grazed knuckle she was mentally equipped to cope with all. Most of all, Rose was full of fun and played her part whatever was on. A night’s entertainment in the hall in August 2000 when six men bared their hairy legs and six wives, blindfolded, each picked out their man is my abiding memory of Rose. Always up for a laugh she picked the wrong man. 

Her family must miss her so much, well so do we but she was well worth knowing whilst she was here. 

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